Multi Cloud & Devops Automation

Streams INC equips you with a special combination of abilities, procedures, and techniques to speed up the digital transformation of your business. We assist you in reducing intangible expenses and avoiding endless iterations.


To assist your firm in navigating the digital transformation process, Streams INC offers procedures, methodologies, and specialized skill sets. We assist our clients in avoiding endless iterations and intangible cost escalation, as well as in minimizing or even eliminating downtime and preventing activity from ceasing altogether.


Streams INC has years of experience orchestrating, setting, and monitoring a variety of application services. Streams INC provides all levels of support for businesses managing their application services management without any issues, whether they have a data center or use the public cloud.


Our cloud-based resource-based application services let businesses create, scale, and deploy apps and services. Additionally, as a complete solution, Streams INC offers maintenance, migration, and monitoring services for any applications running in private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud settings.


The efficiency of an organization's processes directly affects the success of its fundamental operations. To make sure they satisfy the demands of today's businesses, Streams INC analyzes your key business processes and makes the necessary improvements. We undertake a process audit with key stakeholders, which enables us to map the process, assign resources, define goals, schedule testing, and eventually implement. From concept to code, implementation entails rewriting workflows to account for the necessary alterations in order to provide the optimal solution.


Many businesses use out-of-date software, which is getting more and more expensive to run. The entire workflow typically needs to be recoded in order to modify these static apps, which can be challenging. Streams INC provides useful apps while shortening the time and overall cost of projects. Organizations may transfer existing applications from traditional to contemporary architectures using our modernization approach without sacrificing functionality. A crucial component of every organization's digital transition is the provision of contemporary, web-based apps.