Training & Development

Streams INC regularly conducts research on cutting-edge technologies and offers specialised training courses in JAVA, DevOps, Data Science, and Hadoop. It recognises the potential for training employees in new technologies to close the gap, align with current market trends, and fully utilize technology.

DevOps Training Program:

The 12-week and 24-week DevOps training programmes are created with the needs of the students and the demands of the job market in mind. This training is a special combination that primarily focuses on implementing DevOps culture and cloud adoption strategies. The course covers many DevOps tools, such as GitHub for source code management, Jenkins for continuous integration, Ansible for configuration management, Terraform for infrastructure as code orchestration, Docker for microservice deployment, and Kubernetes for container orchestration. Application monitoring with Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Grafana is also covered. Students will have a problem statement for executing the whole infrastructure architecture on the cloud by the end of the course.

JAVA Training Program:

In order to meet our clients' expectations and keep up with constant developments in the technological aspects of application development, we have created a 12-week JAVA training programme. Core Java, Relational Database Management System, Web and Business Component Development are the primary topics covered in this course. Core Java, Object-Oriented Java Programming, Packages and Multi-Threading, Java Collections, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Hibernate, Spring, AJAX and Design Patterns, Introduction to SQL Server, Stored Procedures and JOINS are some of the topics covered in this course.

Hadoop Training Program:

The 12-week Hadoop Training Program is created to meet the demands of the students and instruct them on the difficulties faced by current data analytics, big data use cases, distributions, and the hadoop eco-system and apache spark. The Hadoop Cluster and its Architecture, Cluster Setup and Working, Cluster Administration and Maintenance, Computational Frameworks, Managing Resources, Scheduling, Planning, Security, and Cluster Monitoring are among the many topics that are addressed in depth in this course.

Data Science Training Program:

The majority of the students in a data science course are working professionals who wish to update their skill set in line with current technological developments and recent graduates with a strong interest in application development. The course's main objectives are to provide in-depth, hands-on instruction in probability, statistical inference, data clustering, regression modelling, and Python programme development.